Game Design

Creating Someone Has Died and seeing how it resonates and brings joy to others has been the most fulfilling endeavor of my life thus far. in addition to designing the game, bringing someone has died to life (hah.) has allowed me to wear many hats; coordinating the game's convention presence, spearheading marketing and social media strategy, managing our operating budget, and serving as the games primary illustrator & graphic designer.

Someone Has Died is an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration where players adopt characters who are coming out of the woodwork to convince an estate keeper that they are the most worthy of the deceased's fortune. What sets someone has died apart from other social, party games is that players maintain characters over the course of four rounds. throughout demos and playtesting, we've found that our strange and specific cards allow even novice improvisers to weave impressive and hilarious backstories for their characters. because of this, we like to think of someone has died as a "baby rpg" -- both a gateway drug to roleplaying for beginners or a bite-sized experience for seasoned pros.

The game was originally created in a game design class at Wesleyan University. Coming up with ludicrous card ideas and trying the game with friends was so much fun that, upon graduation, i started looking into ways to continue developing the project. Since Summer of 2016, Someone Has Died dove head first into the New York City gaming community, playtesting regularly at NYU Game Lab's Playtest Thursday and participating in Playcrafting expos and events. With the help and support of friends (especially Liz Roche who in December joined the team officially), con-goers, and fellow designers, Someone Has Died was able to become a full-fledged game.

After a year an a half of iteration and exhibition, we launched a kickstarter for Someone has Died in september 2017. we set our goal for $15,000 to support a small first printing of the game. instead, we raised over $52,000 from 1,700+ backers from around the world. We’ve exhibited at conventions around the country like PAX East, PAX West, PAX Unplugged, XOXO Festival, Gen Con, Rose City Comic Con, Boston Festival of Indie Games, and ConnectiCon. The game is currently available for purchase.